Kaji Nemu
Ethnic India

Kaji Nemu – Assam Lemon

Any cuisine in Assam or any north eastern states is incomplete without a piece of Assam Lemon or Kaji Nemu. Assam lemon is a unique variety of lemon found exclusively in the north eastern region of India. It is elongated and oblong compared to other lemons. The botanical name of Assam Lemon is Citrus limon.

Cutting from fully matured stem is the most common way of propagating Assam lemon plants. May to August is ideal time to plant Assam lemon. The fruits are generally harvested during June-July and December-January.

Assam lemon is rich in Vitamin C. It is used both for culinary as well as medicinal purposes. During summer, lemon sorbet is popular means of beating heat. A piece of Assam lemon included in your lunch is a good means of boosting digestion. Also, one can prepare lemon tea, pickles and curry from Assam Lemon.

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