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Indian Sorrel

Indian Sorrel or Changeri is a herbaceous plant with multiple health benefits. The plant has small and round leaves, has numerous branches that shoot out from the roots and creep to a length of 12-30 cms. The stem is very thin and delicate. This herb grows wild during monsoon and on wet grounds. It is found in almost all part of India. It has a tangy taste and is used in preparation of soup, chutney and other traditional cuisines.

Indian Sorrel is good for stomach ache, have a cooling effect and cures diarrhea and dysentery. It purifies blood and also acts as an appetizer.

Next time you see Indian Sorrel in your garden, do not weed it out.


Scientific Number: Oxalis corniculata
Hindi: Tinpatiya, Amrul
Sanskrit: Changeri
Assamese: Tengesi Tenga
Bengali: Aamrul
Gujrati : Ambolee
Kannada: Pullu Puluche
Malayalam: Puliyaral
Punjabi: Khatti Butu
Tamil: Puliarai

Farmtorasoi’s Indian Sorrel Recipe:

Farmtorasoi prides itself in presenting ethnic Indian cuisines from the nook and corner of our diverse country. It really wow us to know variety of Indian recipes forked out of locally available herbs and plants, and more so, when we get enlightened on their medicinal values.

In order to prepare simple recipe of Indian sorrel, take a bunch of the plant with leaves, stem and roots intact. Clean it with water. Now, boil changeri in a cooker to 2-3 whistles. Once it cools, press cooked plant with your hand and extract all its juice into same water used for boiling. Throw away the pulp.

In the meantime, boil two medium size potato. Peel it and cut into pieces.

Now heat oil in a pan. Saute some kala jeera. Then add the potato pieces, turmeric powder, salt and chopped green chillies. After stirring for a while, add changeri extract. Allow the gravy to cook till it thickens. Serve with steamed rice.

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