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Hogweed – Punarnava

Punarnava (Hogweed) is a creeper plant with small fleshy leaves that grows wild in India. The plant is perennial, however, it remains dormant during summer and regenerates from the same root in the rainy season. It is a well-known medicinal herb. The leaves are often used as a green vegetable in many parts of India.

Punarnava has numerous health benefits. It is good for liver and can be used to cure jaundice. It reduce swelling of body parts like legs during pregnancy. It also controls obesity. It is also used as anti-inflammatory and diuretic agent. Its root extract is used as tonic to improve functioning of kidneys and liver.


English: Hogweed
Scientific Name: Boerhavia diffusa
Assamese/Bengali: Punarnava
Gujarati: Vakhakhaparo, Dholia-saturdo
Hindi: Punarnava, Raktakunda
Kashmiri: Vanjula Punarnava
Marathi: Tambadivasu, Ghetuli
Tamil: Mukarati Kirei

Farmtorasoi’s Punarnava Curry Recipe:

Since punarnava is mainly used for medicinal purpose, its leaves can be prepared into dry sabzi and taken with rice or roti during lunch or dinner.
Let us try a dish of punarnava in #farmtorasoi style.
Take 3 cups of punarnava leaves, cleaned throughly and chopped into small pieces. Heat little oil in a pan and add black cumin seeds. Let them crackle. Now, add chopped leaves along with two mashed garlic, slit green chilies, turmeric and salt. Stir well, until the leaves start to wilt and color turns dark green.

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