Giloy - The root of immortality
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Giloy – The Root Of Immortality

Amarlata, Giloy, Guluchi or Guduchi is a medicinal plant used in Ayurveda as well as traditional home remedy for many ailments. The scientific name of the plant is Tinospora cordifolia. It is basically a herbaceous vine found mostly in the Indian subcontinent.

Giloy stem has many health benefits. It boosts immunity, treats fever like dengue and malaria, improves indigestion and also is beneficial for treatment of diabetes.

Growing a giloy plant is very easy. Just cut one stem and put it in soil near a tree with some water. After few days, leaves will sprout from the stem and the plant will start climbing the tree.

Here is a simple way of consuming giloy:

Cut giloy stems into small pieces.
Take a glass of water and immerse 2-3 giloy stem pieces overnight.
In the morning, drink the water in empty stomach.

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