• Giloy - The root of immortality
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    Giloy – The Root Of Immortality

    Amarlata, Giloy, Guluchi or Guduchi is a medicinal plant used in Ayurveda as well as traditional home remedy for many ailments. The scientific name of the plant is Tinospora cordifolia. It is basically a herbaceous vine found mostly in the Indian subcontinent. Giloy stem has many health benefits. It boosts immunity, treats fever like dengue and malaria, improves indigestion and also is beneficial for treatment of diabetes. Growing a giloy plant is very easy. Just cut one stem and put it in soil near a tree with some water. After few days, leaves will sprout from the stem and the plant will start climbing the tree. Here is a simple…

  • Raisin
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    Raisin – Kismis

    Raisin or Kismis are made by removing moisture from grapes, either by drying in sun or using artificial dryers. Typically seedless grapes are used to prepare raisins, however, one may use any variety of grapes. Raisins are a good source of energy, fiber, iron, calcium, vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes, and minerals. It is beneficial in treatment of anaemia, weight loss, digestion, eyesight, immunity, prevention of acidity, heart diseases, and many more. The best way to consume raisins is by soaking them in water and eating them directly. It is used in preparation of cookies, cakes, or topping on kheer. In India, raisins are mostly produced in Sangli, Solapur and Nasik districts…

  • Vinegar Onion
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    Vinegar Onion (Sirke Wale Pyaaz)

    Who might have missed vinegar onion served alongside your meal in a restaurant, especially, common in northern India. Well, you can prepare ‘sirke wala pyaaz’ quite easily at home without having to wait for a restaurant outing. Its needless to emphasize on the health benefits of consuming raw onions. Rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, flavonoids and antioxidant properties, onions help in improving our immune system, lower risk of heart disease by reducing cholesterol levels, boost bone density, improves digestion, heal infections, reduces inflammation and fights bacteria. For preparing sirke wala pyaaz, you will need small onions or shallots- more better if you can get sambar onions (button onions). Now, peel…

  • Potassium alum
    Weekly Tips

    Home Remedy for Toothache – Alum (Fitkari)

    Alum, known as fitkari in Hindi, is a chemical compound consisting potassium or ammonium. However, the most widely used alum is potassium alum. Potassium Alum is sold as fine white powder that is used in food preparation like spices or pickling. It is also sold as a large crystal that is used in cosmetics (in deodrant) and after-shave treatment. Potassium Alum has many medicinal properties. It has astringent, antiseptic and hemostatic properties. These properties work magic in relieving toothache and gum problems. When you are suffering from toothache, take a small crystal of fitkari. Add it to a glass of half-filled water. Keep it for 1-2 minutes. Now, remove the…

  • Home Remedy for Common Cough
    Weekly Tips

    Home Remedy for Common Cough

    In India, Tulsi is not only a plant with religious significance but also have powerful health benefits. Same goes with honey. Honey is one of the five foods used in Hindu worship. As far as its medicinal value goes, honey is linked to wound-healing properties and antibacterial action. Farmtorasoi’s weekly tip is related to a common home remedy made out of the combined medicinal properties of tulsi and honey!! Cough can attack you in any season. Be it Rainy Season, Dry Season and of course, Winter, we all suffer from cough. To get quick remedy from cough, crush few tulsi leaves and extract its juice. Now, take half spoon of…

  • kanh
    Weekly Tips

    Cleaning Bell Metal Utensils

    Bell metal is a form of bronze with higher tin content. It is said that cooking and eating food from utensils made out of bell metal is good for health. In India, Assam (especially Sarthebari in Barpeta district of Assam) has a unique place in the world for its unique utensils made of bell betal, called kanh. Bell utensils are also made in West Bengal and Odisha. Farmotoraosi’s weekly tip is related to bell utensils. If your bell utensils have lost its shiny bite or tarnished, take a piece of lemon and some detergent powder and rub affected areas of the utensils. Your bell utensils will regain its brand new…

  • Camphor
    Weekly Tips

    Fighting Ants Invasion with Camphor

    Are you facing ants invasion, especially after rain? Do not worry. In India, edible camphor or karpoor is commonly found in almost every household. You just need to dissolve a small amount of edible camphor in water. Use this water to sprinkle over the area where you see trails of ants. Ants will disperse immediately. Ants cannot stand the smell of edible camphor. It is also a good idea to keep a piece of camphor inside container of sugar or any sweet items.

  • Pudina
    Weekly Tips

    Pudina – Fly Repellent

    Mint is a useful and inexpensive herb that can repel flies, mosquitoes, ants and even mice. You can use mint in both forms i.e. in fresh or dried form. During summer, flies torment us a lot. They are carriers of diseases. No wonder, we can make use of Pudina (Mentha or Mint) to repel flies. Just keep crushed pudina in a bowl, or scatter it around the infested place. You can also hang bunch of pudina near your windows. The smell of pudina will keep the room fresh while blocking entries of flies. Try this homely tip.