Bikkgane Biryani – Connaught Place, New Delhi

It was Saturday – one of my weekends. I planned to close some pending transactions in my bank. Fortunately, the bank had a branch in Connaught Place!!

I finished off my errands at the bank within an hour. When I came out of the bank, I just had a panoramic view of the place. I could notice that Connaught Place, true to its reputation, is one of the most happening place in Delhi. The location that I am referring to here is Baba Kharak Singh Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi-110001. The Nearest Metro Station is Connaught Place Metro Station.

The place has one of the oldest Hanuman Temple in India – The Prachin Hanuman Temple. It has mythological connection from the period of Mahabharata. The Temple is said to be built by Raja Jai Singh around 1724 AD.

You may read the wiki page to understand the glorious history of this temple: Hanuman Temple, Connaught Place

Just next to Hanuman Mandir is the Ganesh Mandir founded on 31 October, 1952, by V. Sankar Aiyar.

I paid visit to both the temples.

Next place worth mentioning is the Regal Building, just few steps from the Hanuman Temple. The Regal Building has everything in it.

Now, it was afternoon and time for lunch. I was looking around for a nice restaurant. And Lo!! On the opposite side of PVR Rivoli, my eyes fell on Bikkgane Biryani – Original recipe of Hyderabad.

Ever since I left Bangalore, I had Biryani in many places. But I miss the authentic Hyderabadi Biryani taste that I have had in Andhra Restaurants in Bangalore. I have not visited Hyderabad yet!!! I thought of trying out Biryani in Bikkgane Biryani.

Bikkgane Biryani is generally full in the afternoon. I had to give my name to the security guard and waited in the queue for my turn. Once a place was empty, I was cordially welcomed in. The ambience of the restaurant is awesome. The place is neat, clean and tidy. The attendants are cool and cordial. I looked through the menu. The prices are affordable.

You have variety of Biryani recipes:

Veg Biryani
Paneer Biryani
Prawn Biryani

Egg Biryani
Chicken Biryani
Chicken 65 Biryani
Mutton Biryani
Chicken Fry Piece Biryani

Andhra Special Biryani
Bikkgane Special Biryani
Keema Biryani
Punjabi Butter Chicken Biryani, and many more

Read their menu:

There are starters, beverages and sweets as well.

There are combos, family and grand packs.

I liked the price of the items. Its affordable. The quantity served is good.

Since I am a vegetarian, I ordered for Hyderabadi Veg Biryani and Butter Milk. Mind you, the taste was awesome. After a gap of almost 12 years, I had the best Biryani of my life!!!

I recommend all foodies to try Biryani in Bikkgane Biryani once!!

Do share me your experiences and… Bon Appetit!!

Visit their website:

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