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Bamboo Shoots – Khorisa

When you explore authentic food in India, you delve into many ingredients that are local, and indeed an identity of the people and culture of the place. Bamboo Shoots, Bah Gaj or Khorisa is one of those iconic products from Assam.

Khorisa is made from young bamboo shoots from Bholuka Bah (Bambusa Balcooa). This type of bamboo is indigenous to northeast India. Aside from its edible quality, ripened bholuka bah is widely used in the construction of Assamese typical huts, bridges, rickshaw hoods, and paper pulps.

Some local names for bholuka bah are baruwa, beru, bhalu bans, boro bans, wamnah and barak.

Khorisa is not without health benefits. It is believed to help you lose weight, maintain a healthy heart, prevent cancer, improve immunity, eliminate pinworms and stomach ailments, and also maintain blood pressure.

How to prepare Khorisa:

  • Cut a tender shoot of bholuka bah. You have to take the new bamboo culms that sprout from the ground.

Bamboo shoot

  • Slice the outer layers one by one until the inner white part is visible.


  • Now, you have to grate or grind the bamboo shoot in either of the following ways:
    1) Grind in a mortar and pestle (Ural/Khundona) or traditional Dheki (wooden rice pounder).
    2) Chop using a vegetable chopper.
    3) Grind in a mixer-grinder.


  • Transfer the grounded bamboo shoot to a glass jar.


  • Allow the bamboo shoots to ferment naturally for a week.

Your khorisa is ready!!

There are many ways that you can use khorisa.

  • Squeeze excess water out of the fermented khorisa. Mix the pulp with mustard oil, chillies and salt to make a pickle.
  • You can use bhoot jolokia or ghost pepper in place of regular chili peppers while preparing pickles.
  • Make fish curry with bamboo shoots.
  • Traditional pork with bamboo shoots is another tasty recipe that you can try.
  • You can add a little khorisa in dal and savor it.
  • Use khorisa in various mashed dishes like “aloo pitika”
  • And you can enjoy a tablespoon of khorisa as a seasoning for your food.

Enjoy Khorisa in your food. Write us about any new recipes made with bamboo shoots!

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