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Air plant – Patharchur

Air plant or Patharchur is a perennial and succulent herb, used widely as traditional medicines. The plant grows all over India in hot and moist areas, especially in Bengal, Assam and Uttarakhand. It is astringent and sour in taste.

As the name suggests, ‘patharchur’ is useful in removal of kidney stones. In Assam, it is known as Dupor Bon or Pategoja. The name ‘Dupor Bon’ indicates that the plant must be consumed before noon to get its medicinal benefits. ‘Pategoja’ means the plant grows even from its leaves. You just need to place the leaf in moist soil and it will reproduce vegetatively. In Maharashtra, it is called “Panfuti” meaning whose leaves grow out from leaf. In Odisha, it is commonly known as Amarapoi meaning deathless plant.

Patharchor is useful in breaking down kidney stones. It is helpful in diabetes, gas, stomach ache, gall bladder stone and gastric ulcers.

Patharchur grows in all types of soil. It can be used as indoor plant and ornamental. Its highly recommended to have patharchur in your outdoor or indoor garden for all its medicinal qualities.


Scientific Name: Bryophyllum pinnatum
English: Air plant
Assamese: Pategoja, Dupor Bon
Bengali: Koppatha, Patharkuchi
Hindi: Zakhmhaiyat, Patharchoor, Patharchatta
Marathi: Panfuti
Oriya: Amrapoi
Kannada: Gandukalinga
Sanskrit: Pashanabheda
Tamil: Malaikalli, Ranakalli
Telgu: Ranapaluka

Farmtorasoi’s recommendation:

Take few leaves of patharchur. Clean it properly with water. Put the leaves through your juicer and extract the juice. Add a little salt and drink 2-3 tbsp juice.

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